The following papers have been accepted for a presentation at the Workshop:

Daniel Eckert. How (not) to metrically rationalize social choice: Distance-based aggregation between impossibility and anything goes results.

Hans Van Ditmarsch, Jérôme Lang and Abdallah Saffidine. Strategic voting and the logic of knowledge.

Sjur Dyrkolbotn, Piotr Kaźmierczak, Erik Parmann and Truls Pedersen. No big deal: introducing roles to reduce the size of ATL models.

Stephan Hartmann and Soroush Rafiee Rad. Updating on Conditionals = Kulback-Leibler + Causal Structure.

Alexandru Baltag, Ben Rodenhauser and Sonja Smets. Doxastic Attitudes as Belief-Revision Policies.

Artur Wdowiarski. FM–representability and Computable Games as Learning Algorithms.

Jianying Cui. Dynamic Epistemic Characterizations for IERS.

Chanjuan Liu, Fenrong Liu and Kaile Su. Short Sight, Priority Graph and Preference Change in Games.

Yacin Hamami. An Inquisitive Formalization of Interrogative Inquiry.

Hanti Lin. Learning-Theoretic Models for Temporal Doxastic Logic: With An Application to The Surprise Exam Paradox.

Unfortunately not all the authors can attend the Workshop. For details please consult the program.